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Zuska's Purple Fox


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Still Growing

Pedigree of
Legend and Veronika Pups
Zuska's Purple Fox
MBISS GCHS Maskarade’s A Legend In My Own Time MBISS GCH Melrose Walk The Line BISS CH Noatak’s Party Of One AOM CH Wildestar’s North Face CH Demavand’s Kiev
BISS CH Wildestar’s Cat Ballou
CH Wildestar’s Angel Dust CH Wildestar’s Song to Orion
CH Wildestar’s Evening StarCH Wildestar’s Evening Star
CH Melrose Street Car Named Desire MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Chrisdon’s Distant Thunder MBIS/MBISS AM CH/CAN/AUST CH Karnovanda’s Gray Spirit
CH Chrisdon’s Amalia
CH Camton’s Ice Ice Baby CH Yalaska’s RicochetCH Yalaska’s Ricochet
Richlynn’s Time After Time II
CH Kato’s Sunflower By Van Go CH Highlander’s Vincent Van Go BISS CH Huskavarna’s As Good As It Gets MBIS CAN/AM CH Blueridge Soma’s Stingray
CH Huskavarna I Hope You Dance
CH Highlander’s Turn The Beat Around SD MBISS AM/CAN CH Bralin’s Livin’ On The Edge
CH Highlander’s Chantilly Lace
CH Maskarade’s Tempest Storm MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Chrisdon’s Distant Thunder MBIS/MBISS AM CH/CAN/AUST CH Karnovanda’s Gray Spirit
CH Chrisdon’s Amalia
Maskarade’s Ain’t Misbehavin’ CH Rashaun’s Radio Flyer
CH Norrela’s Coldspot Hankypanky
CH Zuska's Cowboy Take Me Away Sumbawa's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Jaraw’s A Taste Of Contentment Kelim’s Super Dodge SDX/CGC NorthWapiti’s Super Grover SDX
Tsuga’s HollyWood Of Kelim SD
Des-Mar’s Totally Outrageous WPD Des-Mar’s Proud To-Be Me
CAN CH Des-Mar’s Harvest Cache
Takoda Brown Sugar GER CH Crash Boom Bang Of Danube-Lowland AST CH Camton’s One And Only
Epona Of The Midnight Sun
Taysa’s Miss Misbehavin’ INT/GER CH Magicmoment Of The Midnight Sun
Taysa’s For Heaven’s Sake
Zuska's Rodeo Sweetheart GCh Zuska's Tobotuk Lodestar Ch Kossok's Gold Bullion Kossok's Gold Standard
Ch Kossok's Symiron Golden Glow
Ch Kossok's Flamenco Dancer BISS Ch Kristari's Jagged Edge
Ch Kossok's Fanci Dancer
Ch Zuska's A Bird In Hand Chrisdon's Echo of the Arctic Ch Coldspot's Piece Of The Rock
Ch Keystone-Chrisdon's Jetta
Ch Zuska's Hummingbird MBISS Ch Kristari's Jagged Edge
Ch Kossok's She's Snow Blonde
10 gen COI 8.22%

This girl may not have been the prettiest in the litter, but she did comand attention as she oved across the yard. Meet Vixen. The first black and white, blue eyed Siberian we have had. It only took us 34 years!

We have high hopes for this girl as our dogs get better with age. She was pointed from the puppy classes, along with reserves to majors. Her momand aunts are some of our better sled dogs, along with her grandfather. We feel quite confident she will follow in their footprints in that venue as well

Career Highlights

2 AKC  Points


Vixen is Winner's Bitch for 2 points (1 dog short of a major) at Puyallup Dog Fanciers under judge Lloyd J Constantine-Amodei

BIS ISCH Can/ Am MBISS GCHS CH Maskarade's A Legend In My Own Time


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