Zuska's Winter Whispers
"Whitney Poppy"

Copper & White

Parti Eyes









Susan Parraga










Pedigree of
Zuska's Cowboy Take Me Away
Zuska's Winter Whispers
Sumbawa's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Jarawís A Taste Of Contentment Kelimís Super Dodge SDX/CGC NorthWapitiís Super Grover SDX Meomarís Blunder
NorthWapitiís Ginger Grant
Tsugaís HollyWood Of Kelim SD Alkasíiberís Wyatt Riot
Alkasíiberís Yellow Birch
Des-Marís Totally Outrageous WPD Des-Marís Proud To-Be Me AM/CAN CH Karnovandaís Rimrock Iceman
Des-Marís Nikita OíSpiritbrook
CAN CH Des-Marís Harvest Cache Des-Marís Harvest Moon
CH Des-Marís Anasazi
Takoda Brown Sugar GER CH Crash Boom Bang Of Danube-Lowland AST CH Camtonís One And Only CH Camtonís WaitíN For No One
Arctic-Moonís Aleshanee
Epona Of The Midnight Sun CH Shokeeís Silver Chase íN Of TMS
Timeless of the Midnight Sun
Taysaís Miss Misbehaviní INT/GER CH Magicmoment Of The Midnight Sun CH Nuggetuk Name That Tomb
CH Nanci Em Of The Midnight Sun
Taysaís For Heavenís Sake Talocons Thunder Over Taysa
Taysaís Bright Starlight
Zuska's Rodeo Sweetheart GCh Zuska's Tobotuk Lodestar Ch Kossok's Gold Bullion Kossok's Gold Standard BIS BISS Ch Kadyak's Native Dancer
Ch Kossok's Blonde Bombshell
Ch Kossok's Symiron Golden Glow BISS Am/Jp Ch Kavacha Sterling Czar
Ch Kossok's Symiron Spring Fling
Ch Kossok's Flamenco Dancer BISS Ch Kristari's Jagged Edge BISS Ch Innis Free's Chips Ahoy
Kristari's On A Winter's Day
Ch Kossok's Fanci Dancer Ch Kossok's Just My Fancy
Ch Shadowfox's Splash Dancer
Ch Zuska's A Bird In Hand Chrisdon's Echo of the Arctic Ch Coldspot's Piece Of The Rock Ch Coldspot's Krank Dat Puppy Up
Ch Coldspot's Naughty By Nature
Ch Keystone-Chrisdon's Jetta Ch Chrisdon's Silhouette Jetson
Cadohi's Head Over Heels
Ch Zuska's Hummingbird MBISS Ch Kristari's Jagged Edge BISS MBISS Ch Innis Free's Chips Ahoy
Kristari's On A Winter's Day
Ch Kossok's She's Snow Blonde Ch Kossok's Just My Fancy
Ch Kossok's Blonde Bombshell
10 gen COI 4.21%

Whitney is a repeat of the breeding that produced Vivi and Veronika.. Another rainbow litter, this time we kept the dark red.  Whitney is a bit different than most of our pups. She started off with more body, and more white on her face. Time will tell how she turns out.

Whitney is a winged wonder. Most of her time is spent airborne. She has tried her paw at mushing and is a natural. She ran her first season in co-lead.


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