Where do you live?

Have you ever owned a Siberian Husky?

Why do you want a Siberian Husky?

Do you have a preference for coat color or gender?

Describe the area in which your Siberian will be contained.

Do you understand Siberians love to dig?

What pets do you currently own?

Will your Siberian be a pet/companion animal or are you interested in an animal to show/breed?

Who and what ages are the people in your household?

Do you understand that a Siberian is a high energy dog that loves to run and needs plenty of exercise?

What happened to your previous pets?

Are you looking for an animal suitable for agility, obedience, hiking, sledding or skijoring?

Do you own or rent?

Do you understand that a Siberian can be EXTREMELY destructive?

Do you understand that Siberians do not make good watchdogs?

Do you understand that a Siberian is never to be trusted off lead?

Do you understand that a Siberian sheds enough fur for 5 dogs twice a year?

Do you understand that a your black clothes will always be covered in white fur?

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