Am/Int Ch Kossok's Gold Bullion


Light Red




Alice Watt


Denver is maturing very nicely. There is only one word to describe him, WOW!!! He has outstanding type, wonderful sidegait, and a very loving temperament. Denver picked up his first 4 points from the 6-9 puppy class. He had both majors by the age of two.
Since finishing, Denver has matured while relaxing at home.


April 22, 2001

April 26, 2001

WD Judge Lawrence Sinclair at Walla Walla Kennel Club

At just 6 months and 2 days, Denver goes Reserve under Judge Jean Fancy at Lewis-Clark Kennel Club in Idaho.

Denver had a very exciting first week in the showring. Starting on his 6 month birthday, April 20, 2001, we attended 2 clusters for a total of seven days. Denver was honored with 3 Reserves and a Winners Dog for his first point in his first seven shows.

Career Highlights

2003 AKC Champion!

May 27, 2001

RWD   and Best of Breed Puppy under Dr Klaus Anselm, and
Puppy  Group 3 under Judge Janet Sinclair at Inland Empire KC

WD/BOW   under Judge Lawrence Sinclair at Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club in Billings, Montana for one point.

June 19, 2001

WD Judge Janet Sinclair at Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club

June 20, 2001

WD/BOW    Judge Ralph "Sonny" Ambrosio at Five Valley KC

June 24, 2001

April 26, 2002

WD/BOW/BOB and cuts in group under Judge Pat Hastings at Walla Walla Kennel Club

May 11-12, 2002

Denver earned his IABCA International Championship with all V-1a ratings, and getting Best of Breed May 12.


Amber Eyes






June 22, 2002

WD Judge Mrs. Andre B. Schoen at Clackamas Kennel Club for a major.

DNA Profile


July 14, 2002

WD Judge Mrs Betty Lou Parris at Greater Clark County KC for a major.

WD/BOW   under Judge John Hannum at McKenzie Cascade DF

Sept 7, 2002

Sept 15, 2002

WD/BOW   under Judge Carolyn Thomas at Wenatchee KC



April 12, 2003

WD/BOW under Judge Sondra Joy Esporite at Ephrata-Moses Lake KC.

New AKC Champion!

June 24, 2005

Denver is presented with an Award of Merit at the summer Lower Columbia Specialty by Judge  James Polk. Denver was handled by Miss Ellie Allen.

Ch Kossok's Gold Bullion
Ch Kossok's Gold Bullion
Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents G-G-GParents G-G-G-GParents
Kossok's Gold Standard BIS BISS Ch Kadyak's Native Dancer BIS BISS Ch Kadyak's Remembered In Red Ch Synordik's Kynik Of Kadyak Ch Yeti's Red Chili Of Snoridge
Irlocon's Hey Naninani
Ch Kadyak's Akelana Of Synordik Ch Arctic Rogue O'Innisfree
Chugach's Ms Of Marlytuk
Ch Kadyak's Flo-Jo Ch Kontoki's The Gospel Truth Ch Kontoki's One Mo' Time
Kontoki's Messy Bessie
Ch Kadyak's Foreign Exchange Ch Amorak's Charlie Pride
Ch Kadyak's Ms Kishwin
Ch Kossok's Blonde Bombshell Des-Mar's Cordova Ch Innisfree's Tradewind Ch Innisfree's Return Engagement
Ch Innisfree's Pegeen
Scoqui's Ambrosia Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Ch Scoqui's Amber
Kossok's Spice Of Life Ch Kossok's Patch Of Bleu Ch Kaila's Beau Bleu Of Rusojhn
Ch Kossok's Buttercup Bouquet
Ch Kossok's Good As Gold Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Ch Kohoutek's Kia Of Krisland
Ch Kossok's Symiron Golden Glow BISS Am/Jp Ch Kavacha Sterling Czar Ch Karchu's Sierra Sundance Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar Ch Innisfree's Sierra Beau-Jack
Ch Innisfree's Sierra Royal Kate
Ch Innisfree's Jasmine Jewell Ch Innisfree's Pegasus
Innisfree's Kathleen
Ch Sierra's Kavacha Yellow Rose Ch Sierra's Handyman Ch Innisfree's Targhee
Ch Sierra's Highland Copper Mist
Ch Innisfree's Sierra Spice Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Innisfree's Sierra Snow
Ch Kossok's Symiron Spring Fling Ch Kossok's Cinndar Fella Ch Sno-Fame Solo's Beau Shandy Ch Sno-Fame Chuka's Solo Odinok
Donasha's Lady Of The Wind
Ch Kossok's Kiska Of Oakcrest Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Ch Kohoutek's Kia Of Krisland
Ch Kossok's Good As Gold Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar Ch Innisfree's Sierra Beau-Jack
Ch Innisfree's Sierra Royal Kate
Ch Kohoutek's Kia Of Krisland Krisland's Kopper Kohoutek
Marlytuk's Natasha Of Sunny
10 gen coi = 14.64%


Alice Watt

Sept 4, 2005

Best of Breed under Mr. Dana Cline and Group 3 under Ralph Lemcke at Hawaiian Kennel Club. Handled by Nikki Char.

Sire of Champion Offspring

Pedigree of:

October 20, 2000 - October 12, 2012

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