Zuska's Pillow Talk

"Kelli Pippa"

Zuska's Pillow Talk
Zuska's Pillow Talk
Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents G-G-GParents G-G-G-GParents
Ch Tobotuk' N Shapali's Wat A Rush Ch Catawba's Limited Edition Ch Grawyn's Diablo Del Sol Ch Gilpak's Kris Kringl Of Grawyn Ch Donasha's Irish Kaper
Sunset Hill's Midnight Magic
Ch Sunset Hill's Bella Donna Ch Karnovanda's Sasha Groznyi
Ch Sunset Hill's Beau-Phunsilady
Karnovanda's Anasazi Catawba Ch Quiquern's Silver Shadow Ch Kaila's Beau Bleu Of Rusojhn
Karnovanda's Moonshadow Mist
Ch Karnovanda's Vela Groznyi Ch Karnovanda's Viktor Groznyi
Ch Karnovanda's Rally
Ch Way-Mar's Enchanted April Ch Rashaun's Grey Gentry Kaila's Rashaun Cavalier Ch Kaila's Baccarat
Kaila's Kittee Of Innisfree
Kristari's Rashaun Chanteal Ch Kristari's Pacific Skyline
Innisfree's Unique Chic
Ch Way-Mar's Cascade Am/Can Ch Kossok's Way-Mar Gold Rush Ch Kossok's Patch Of Bleu
Ch Kossok's Good As Gold
Des-Mar's Alexi O' Neve' Ch Des-Mar's Furlin Husk-Kei
Kristari's Cory Of Terishun
Ch Kossok's Flamenco Dancer BISS Ch Kristari's Jagged Edge BISS Ch Innis Free's Chips Ahoy Ch Kalonik's Woodchip Ch Innisfree's Norwegian Wood
Ch Innisfree's Antoinette
Innisfree's Designing Woman Ch Innisfree's Hunter
Ch Innisfree By Design
Kristari's On A Winter's Day Ch Innisfree's Challenger Ch Innisfree's Mastercard
Ch Innisfree's Marquessa
Ch Kristari's Erlene Ch Kristari's Pacific Skyline
Kristari's Nugget
Ch Kossok's Fanci Dancer Ch Kossok's Just My Fancy Ch Kossok's Just A Bit More Gold Kossok's Favorite Son
Ch Kossok's Flower Child
Ch Kossok's Flights Of Fancy Ch Innisfree's Aazar Bit-a-Thor
Ch Kossok's Good As Gold
Ch Shadowfox's Splash Dancer BIS BISS Am/Can Ch Arcticlight's Robert Redfurred Ch Innisfree's Tradewind
Ch Arcticlight's Shadrina
Ch Japego's Arctic Tornado Arctic's Snow Trapper
Japego's Arctic Windsong
10 gen coi = 12.21%


AKC Reg:

Black & White


Susan Parraga

Zuska Siberians


Brown Eyes






Taylor Herrera


CERF SH-8171


Pedigree of

We just love our little Pippa. Named "Pillow Talk" because her mom and sister both enjoy sleeping on the bed pillows.  Kelli is about as lively as they come, with the same irresistable charm of her mother. "Miss Pips" is now a 4-H Juniors dog for Miss Taylor Herrera. At their first 4-H meet, they came home with 2 first place ribbons in showmanship and agility, and a 6th place in obedience. They still need to practice those long downs! At their second 4-H meet, Kelli and Taylor were Grand Champion in agility, and Reserve Grand Champion in Showmanship. Taylor entered her first AKC Junior Competition in summer 2011, where she attained her first win over competition!  One more, and she will move from novice to open!

Career Highlights

June 13, 2007

WB/BOW for 1 point under Mr. Joseph Gregory at Snake River Canyon KC Filer, Idaho.

AKC Major Pointed!

13 AKC Points to date

June 16, 2007

WB/BOW for 1 point under Mr. Edward M. Gilbert Jr. at Pocatello KC Blackfoot, Idaho.

June 17, 2007

WB for 1 point under Mr. Arley Hussin at Pocatello KC Blackfoot, Idaho.



DNA Profile:


April 27, 2008

April 26, 2008

WB/BBE G1 for 1 point under Judge Phyllis Wolfish at Walla Walla Kennel Club. Group Judge Judi James.

WB for 1 point under Judge Hank Williams at Walla Walla Kennel Club.

June 15, 2008

WB/BOW for 1 point under Judge Judith Hunt at Eagle Rock KC, Blackfoot, Idaho.

October 12, 2008

WB for a 3 pt major under Judge Stuart Rogell at Lizard Butte Kennel Club in Idaho.

4-H member, Jr Handler

May 1, 2011

WB/BOS  for 1 point under Judge Robert Caswell from Amateur Owner Handler with Taylor  at Walla Walla Kennel Club.

June 14, 2011

June 15, 2011

WB/BOW/BOB over ranked specials for 2 points!   at Snake River Canyon KC in Filer, Idaho. Great Job Taylor! Thank you Judge Leslie Rogers for looking beyond our young owner handler, and judging the dogs!

WB  for 1 point under Judge William Cunniinghaml from Amateur Owner Handler with Taylor at Snake River KC in Filer, Idaho.

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